Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old China, New China...Slow China, Fast China

To begin both the sharing of images and discussion, I am posting images which bring to my mind the idea of an Old China with deep cultural and historical roots. I find this to be a slower, more moderate FACE of China; the image speaks to a long conversation between two strangers:

"Conversation with the traveler", Wutaishan 2007, IWR

Contrasting this image with another, New FACE of China:

"Lights of the city", Shanghai 2007, IWR

Perhaps we are not seeing competing images of China but the different FACES of China remain significant...

Welcome to the FACES Art Expo BLOG!

We will be posting many of the important photographs and works of art that will be on display during the Shanghai FACES Conference on November 17-21.

The meta-theme for the art show will be FACES of China with sub-themes of the changing landscape or face of China--from rural to urban, from sky scrapper, high rises to hutongs; the various peoples of China; the variety of new Chinese images and ideals; and, of course, the FACES participants themselves.

Contribution to the Exposition is open to all in the spirit of openness!

Come join to see the FACES of China!